Welcome to Elle'Centric Accessories!

Our Story

Hello my name is Michelle, and I am the creator of Elle'Centric Accessories. My love of art began ever since I was a small child, with a dream of growing up to be an amazing artist, some day.

As I grew older, I got more and more lost in my imagination, while immersing myself in various forms and mediums of art. My love of sculpting started in preschool with Play-Doh, which developed into working with different forms of clay, and building upon my skills from elementary school, through high school, where I created more elaborate designs.

I then tried my hand at illustration as well as painting, where I learned and practiced color theory. From that point, I went onward to the study of the history of art, where I learned various artistic techniques that I apply to my art, today.

Fast forward to 2016, I was dabbling in jewelry making, when I created one of my very first Elle'Centric Faces. I posted my creation on social media, and instantly I got requests asking if I could turn them into earrings, and that's how Elle'Centric Accessories was born.