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Super Woke

Super Woke

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To my Woke Sistahs out there who love to rock the Red, Black, and Green, Melanin Rich, and who are proud of their heritage, Super Woke, is for you! Super Woke has a handmade RBG Crown, with hand sculped lettering, and accented with a gold overlay.

Disclaimer: These earrings are made to order. Due to the amount of detail I put in each of my hand sculped creations, it can take me UP TO five days to complete your order, which does not include your shipping time frame. Thank you.

Hand Sculpted
Hand Painted
Light Weight
18k Gold Plaited Hooks (nickel free)

Also Available In These Options
Clip-On Earrings (gold plaited)
Gold Filled hooks, which are ideal for individuals with metal issues. Gold Filled hooks have more gold in them, than gold plaited hooks, and will not tarnish.